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Creating Beautiful Skin Naturally since 1972

Welcome to PHYT'S Institute USA located in Plano, Texas. We believe Nature is the origin of effective skin care. All PHYT'S products contain an active complex synergy of plant extracts, essential oils, carrier oils, vitamins and trace minerals in carefully selected formulas specifically designed to treat, nourish and strengthen the skin on a therapeutic level.

With a passion for a Natural approach to beauty, PHYT'S Laboratories has been creating world class therapeutic Spa and Retail products for over forty-four years. There have never been any chemicals used in PHYT'S products or any animal testing at any stage. All our products are "Certified Organic" to the stringent "COSMEBIO" standard by "QUALITE FRANCE" . This highly esteemed European Certification is proof of our passion and commitment to protect the environment and the consumer.

PHYT'S products contain 100% Natural ingredients:

NO synthetic preservatives, NO artificial fragrances, NO synthetic coloring agents, NO petrochemicals, NO parabens, NO GMO’s or other man-made ingredients and ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

A full range of PHYT’S “Certified Organic” Skin Care and Makeup are available for at home use in our Retail Boutique area.